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Compact Flash 64MB Card, Compatible with all manufacturers digital cameras, supports Compact Flash - Retail


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Compact Flash

Power Required

- Voltage 3.3V 5% or 5V 10% 
- High Performance Read Current 34mA  at 5V; 21 mA at 3.3V rms 
- High Performance Write Current 34mA at 5V; 21 mA at 3.3V rms

System Performance

- Sleep To Write: 2.5 ms max. 
- Sleep To Read: 50 ms max. 
- Reset To Ready: 50 ms typical, 400 ms max. 
- Data Transfer Rate to/from Flash 20 MB/sec burst. 
- Data Transfer Rate to/from Host 16 MB/sec burst. 
- Programmable Active to Sleep Delay, Controller Overhead Comand to DRQ 50 ms max.


- High transfer rate for fast copy/download 
- High storage capacity 
- Non-volatile solid-state; no moving parts maximizes battery power. 
- Data is not lost when power is turned off 
- Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor 
- 100% compatibility with all devices that feature a Compact Flash slot 

Physical Specifications

Length 1.433 in. (36.40mm) - Type I 
Width 1.685 in. (42.80mm) - Type I 
Height 0.130 in. (3.30mm) - Type I 
11.4 g max - Type I 

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature 0 C to 60 C 
Non-operating Temperature -25 C to 85 C 
Humidity 8% to 95% Max


'*This item may only be returned for an identical replacement.*'