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iStarUSA 1U Switching power w/250W Power supply, Model TC-1U/25 - Retail

SKU: IS17TC-1U25

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Brand/ Model

iStarUSA / TC-1U/25

RoHS Compliance Version Yes
Output Power 250W
AC Input 90V to 132V or 180V to 264V auto selectable 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Main Connector 20 Pin
12V Connectors


Dimensions (W x H x D)

100 x 40.5 x 200 mm


- Power Range Auto Select
- Over Power Protection
- Over Voltage Protection
- Short Circuits Protection
- Nickel Plated enclosure to provide corrosion resistance
- 16ms hold up time

Support Contact Information

'* This item may only be returned for an identical replacement .*'

iStarUSA Technical Support Team

E-mail: tech@istarusa.com


Tel: 626-303-8885 (ext. 110)

Fax: 626-301-0588 or visit them online at: